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Hi, we are  Di Tennis Academy

          Di Tennis Academy was established in 2006 by Lin Di, former Chinese national team Asia champion and 90's Davis Cup lead player. The academy’s professional tennis training is dedicated for teenagers of age 8-18. With the superior location in Irvine California, we were gifted the best advantage for students who participate in American Teenage Team Tournaments and USTA Solo Tournaments in Orange County California.
          Our teaching methods are very different from that of a normal tennis academy; we keep the meticulousness and perfectionism from the eastern training method while maintaining the fun and instructiveness from the western culture. With the combination of East and West, we built the special training program for students that is unparalleled to any others.
          After years of teaching and development, our academy has attracted nearly 200 players from local and Asian countries. Every year, we have students winning championship games for different age groups. Many students also joined high school tennis team or gotten accepted to prestige universities and received scholarship such skill they get from the academy has paved a solid base for their own future. training through Di Tennis Academy will provide teenagers around the nation the chance the pursue their dream, whether it is to become professional player or study at higher level education.



specially designed for players on different level

tourament mastering
for players with over 1.5 years of traning
strategy improvement
for players with 1-1.5 years of traning
beginner practice
consist of beginner courses for age 6-10